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A 1999 photo of Art Silhan and his wife Phyllis, sent in by Marc Silhan.

Nina Jemec (Class of '69) sent in this newspaper clipping about the 1969 Mckay
Science Fair.

In these next 5 photos,
Cyndi (Wessel) Stark, Tom Vieraitis and Terri Malik (all class of '73) plus Terri's
boyfriend Ken all met up in Las Vegas the summer of 2005. Terri came in from California,
Cyndi from Arizona and Tom from Nevada for a mini-class-reunion!

1) Terri and Ken
2) Cyndi and Terri
3) Tom V. and Terri
4) Cyndi and Tom
5) Cyndi and Terri

Class of 1972's kindergarten photo. How many can you recognize?

Class of 1969's first grade photo.

Ralph Pitcher class of '77 holding his brand-new (and very first) grandchild --- "Mya
Gabrielle Collins", born 12/24/05, 7 lbs. 9 oz., 20.5 inches

Class of '73 singing "Graduation Day"

Here's a page of photos from my own life after McKay... --- Karen

Mr. Zelazek found these two McKay buttons from the 70's and mailed them in to me

Mr. Silhan in Seoul, Korea (1994)

Thanks to Marc Silhan for these next 2 photos of Mr. Silhan in his younger years.
Here he is as the young new guy with the Lyric Opera in Chicago.

Art Silhan, 1950

Ms. Shore
(She gave me this tiny, 1.5 inch photo at our 2003 reunion but it was lost until just recently! I
was about to throw out an old purse and found it had slipped through a hole in the lining)

John Vieraitis, Class of '71
("Peace Bridge" in Marquette Park)

Wanda Zurzolo, Class of '73, at age 14.
Wanda wasn't there the day we took our class photo so now she has her pic on the site, too.

The owner of "Ponias" (the candy store across from McKay) with daughter Ona Gudauskas
Hagreen (Nativity class of '69).

Ron Stufflebeam now (Class of '64)

Patrick Houlihan (Class of ''76) and Kim Castillo Houlihan (Class of '78) February 2005
HONEYMOON photos! :) .... Congratulations Pat and Kim!

Patricia Fisher, Class of '72 (3 photos)

Nancy (Emerson) Besonen Class of '72 and family, year 2005
Left to right: Sam age 17, husband Don, Katy age 21, Gwen age 16, and Nancy

Girls' Chorus 1970 in the middle of a song

Remember, we all stumble, every one of us.
That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand.

Emily Kimbrough