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Front Row: Kay McMillan ('72), Pat Fisher ('72), Debbie Horton ('72), Alberta Kohl ('71)
Middle Row: Caron Piddington ('71), Debbie Sizemore ('71), Carol Foster ('71), Rita Connelly ('72),
Theresa Connelly ('71). Back Row: Linda Petrulis ('72), Jim Molnor ('71), Tom Petrose ('71),
Bob Rydberg ('71), Jack McMillan ('71).

Tom Petrose ('71), Jim Molnor ('71), Al Reketis ('71)

Graduation Day 1971
Toni Malik, Mike Kuba, Theresa Connelly, Carol Foster, Al Reketis, Caron Piddington.

John DeWitt ('77)

Front: Glen Daniels ('77)
Back: John DeWitt ('77), Allan Barrett ('77)

Tim Selvey ('77), Allan Barrett ('77)

Lloyd Snyder ('78)

Two photos of the McKay boys' 1969 basketball team winning a trophy,
sent in by Mr. Zelazek our principal.

Karen Derewianski, Grace Lombardo, Tomas (Annie’s husband), and Annie Lombardo
at Tomas & Annie’s house (Indian Harbour Beach, FL), late 2003.

Photos from a Spring 2004 Las Vegas trip, taken by 7 members of McKay Class of 1973:
Diane Krauss, Gary Schaafsma, Manny Godinez, Karen Derewianski, Cyndi Wessel,
Al Kirsininkas, and Tom Vieraitis.

"Viva Las Vegas!" (30-Second Music Clip)

Some class of ‘73 graduation day photos ---
Top left: Karen Derewianski, Lorena Martinez, Ralph Elget, Penney Beers, Ida Barth.
Top right: Terri Malik, Cheryl Rydberg. Bottom Left: Judy Kroll.
Bottom Right: Cyndi Wessel in the center.

These next 4 photos are from a Class of 1973 grads get-together in November 2003,
at "La Luce's" restaurant in downtown Chicago:

Vit Stravinskas ('73), Ralph Elget ('73)

Manny Godinez ('73), Cyndi Wessel ('73), Chris Moore ('73)

Larry Thompson ('73)

Chris Moore ('73), Linda Murphy ('73)

Grace Lombardo ('73) and Cindy Dowling ('73),
at Cindy D.'s house in Orlando, Florida (Christmas 2003)

Grace Lombardo ('73), Karen Derewianski ('73) and Cindy Dowling ('73),
out for lunch at an Orlando Florida restaurant

Terri Malik '73 (center) with two daughters and grandson.

Jo Ann Xenofos, McKay Class of 1960, at age 13.

These two photos are all of the McKay Class of 1951 graduates,
courtesy of Harvey the webmaster at "".

These next 7 photos were sent in by Nancy (Emerson) Besonen, Class of '72. She took them on a
visit to McKay back in 1995, before the large addition was made to the school building.

1. View of the "girl's playground"

2. Hallway on 2nd floor, the teacher's lounge was down on the far right side.

3. Outside the teacher's lounge. (Were our lockers really that orange color back then? I thought
they were different. Dark green maybe..?)

4. View of the first floor. Nancy says she still remembers sliding down this particular bannister :)

5. Outside front of the school

6. View of 69th and Washtenaw, looking down 69th Street. The bank used to be "Ponia's"
restaurant and candy store.

7. Outside doorway, to the left side of the gym doors.

If we listened to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair.
We'd never have a friendship.
We'd never go into business, because we'd be cynical.
Well, that's nonsense.
You've got to jump off cliffs all the time
and build your wings on the way down.

Ray Bradbury