Some McKay Faculty Members
from the 1970's

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McKay Class of 1973

Top Row: Lenore Wohlberg, Alice Peterson Wick, Carl Haas, Elfriede Zawicki,
Marion Shore.

Middle Row: Estrella Yates Alamar, (Special Ed Teacher), George Houlihan,
Anita Reynolds, Marianne Otlewis.

Front Row: Meredith Kelly, Geraldine Heffernan, Fran Morrow, Daniel Zelazek,
Consuela McKee, Mary Bergin, (Student Teacher).

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Mr. Art Silhan

Mr. Daniel Zelazek,

Mr. Michael Shaughnessy

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Mr. Shaughnessy

Ms. Estrella Yates...(now Ms. Estrella Alamar)
1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. (Yates) Alamar taught at McKay for 30 years.
She is the founding president of the Filipino American
Historical Society of Chicago (FAHSC), co-founder of
the FAHSC Museum, a trustee of the Filipino American
National Historical Society and a past board member
and present volunteer at Hyde Park Historical Society,
and the co-author of a book entitled, "Filipinos in Chicago."
Mrs. Yates says if anybody would like a copy of their
first grade class photo, feel free to write and ask her...
she has kept them all!
5472 South Dorchester Avenue
Chicago, IL 60615