by Cyndi (Wessel) Stark

To Karen Derewianski for playing me “Sooner or Later” by the Grass Roots every time we got near a piano “you were so cool GIRL!”  I loved that song and you were sick of it!

The 8th grade Christmas play, “The Christmas Toy Shop”.  Ralph Elget was a great villain with a swirling cape, Judy Kroll the cat, Teri Malik the china doll, Vit Stravinskas the night watchman, and I was the rag doll.  Karen was our pianist.  There was more, but I need a fill in.

Singing at Ford City mall fa la la la la!

Getting a major bump on the head from click clacks, making a Chinese jump rope, playing Chinese jump rope and cats cradle (much safer).

Passing out at rehearsal for McCormick Place and Mr. Silhan sticking my head between my legs.  No, I wasn’t the one who passed out at the actual performance.

All the greasy fries and cokes at Pauna’s.

The Copernicus basketball team & cheerleaders. Also the volume that was generated in our gym when the teams met!  I said “Ooo! Ah! Superstars!”

Ralph Elget’s dog story, I nearly died laughing on 71st and Maplewood.

The smell of Nabisco every time the wind blew the other way. Ha! Ha!

Working at the campaign headquarters on 71st for Freeman srunning for mayor against Daley...(yeah, right!!!) Freeman didn’t win of course, didn’t think he would. It was just a cool place to go after school & do a little phone work, canvassing and eat lots of cookies and donuts.

Walking on the ice at Marquette Park field house after a basketball game, breaking thru the ice and walking home with frozen socks & gym shoes!  Burrrr!

The Delta airplane that flew over McKay, was very loud and crashed near 71st and Pulaski.....we were all lucky that day.

The peace bridge in Marquette Park & being scared of all the hippies that hung-out there.

Swiping donuts in the teachers lounge...yes Karen I remember now and I think we were cracking up at the thought of getting caught???  Ha! Ha! Ha!

Giving Mr. Shaughnessy a very green tie.

Giant peanut-butter cookies in the cafeteria...YUM!  But that was all. OK, milk too, but chocolate.

Writing and performing the other school play, “School Days” which was written by the whole class, which all of the teachers disliked very much except Mr. Silhan. Go figure?

Playing volleyball at lunch time with Mr. Zelazek.

Getting in the science fair the one year (hey Cheryl Rydberg!)... and just going to it the next.

All that penny candy at Pauna’s, some was actually 2 for a penny.

Roller skating night in Oaklawn. Tuesday nights as I remember, and Jimmy Armstrong was great at skating the fox trot backwards.

Climbing up the metal poles on the girls playground trying to get the swings unwound and nearly killing myself and Teri Malik. Sorry pal, wherever you are.

Hip-hugger elephant bell jeans and pants.  Cindy Dowling and I had the same blue & white giant checked pants! Oh!  How did that happen?

Christmas caroling with Cindy Dowling and Diane Krauss one or maybe it was two years?  We clean up & we were good too!!  We also froze our feet off. Ha! Ha!

Teri Malik & I were late on graduation day because our hairdresser over-slept! We made it just in time...they were announcing names and were on “J” when we got there... Whew!  Miss Otlewis gave us that look, like “ABOUT TIME” ha!ha!ha!

So many memories will be shared at the reunion, so somebody write them down, pass them around, post them on the website, they’re a blast to read!

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I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what  you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.
                                                     --- Maya Angelou