Our McKay school-wide reunion on Saturday, June 7th 2008 in Mokena was a success & a great turnout... (90 people) !!
The party began with rain and tornado sirens blaring (a twister touched down just a few miles away...)
But soon all of the clouds disappeared and the stars even came out for us that night.

Many thanks to Linda (Murphy) Witting Class of '73 for planning it, Stacey (Lyon) Dahlberg '77 who found us a place to meet,
and Nina Jemec '69 and Sharon (Domres) Lukaszewski ''72 for locating so many "lost" classmates.
A special thanks to Herb Weidmann '73 for the delicious appetizer buffet.

Most of all, a big thank you to everybody who showed up that night to share their laughs and memories.
Until we meet again, good health & best wishes to all.

To avoid confusion, I've posted maiden names only for the women. And any classmates who
moved away before graduation are still considered part of their class year.

We used the upper deck of the Colosseum's beer garden

The welcome banner

Chris Walensky ('78), Chris' friend Lori, Sam Lombardo's
wife Audrey, and Sam Lombardo ('78)

Sheila Pasciak ('74)

Joe Morkunas' wife, Joe Morkunas ('70), Nina Jemec ('69),
Ronald Mueller ('69), and Ron's wife Mary

Dave Akstins '78 wife, Sylvia Kuraitis '70 (holding photo),
Joe Morkunas ('70), Debbie Murphy ('70)

Dawn Gass ('76), Joyce Kenny ('77), Stacey Lyon ('77),
Janet Kroll ('77), Judy Kroll ('73)

Sheila Pasciak, Marty Fox, Vida Vitkauskas
(all class of '74)

Tom Hajek ('80), Herb Weidmann ('73)

Linda McMillan ('68), Sharon Pasciak ('69), Diane Schwab ('69)

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